WOW Factor

Having WOW factor helps solve a lot of problems. It gets you noticed. It attracts people who’ve never even heard of you before. It separates you from the pack. Often times, it pays for itself in a very short time, funding your next move.  We’re really good at spotting the next WOW and staying ahead of the trends, so you don’t have to. Today’s WOW includes:

  • CRS’ new innovation, the WBFEC, is a revolutionary new concept in recreation! Customized for each setting and budget, a WBFEC, also called an “H2Whoa Zone”, is a water-based family entertainment center that can turn any location – be it a lake, waterfront, marina or parcel of land — into a revenue-generating attraction!
  • The inflatable Summit Express slide is the biggest thing on the water today. At 16 feet high by 26 feet long, it makes a bold statement on the water. As the centerpiece of an Aqua Park, you can’t go wrong.
  • The Wibit aquatic challenge courses are taking the world by storm. Combining Olympic-style competition with modular floating obstacles raises the bar on excitement — whether you are competing or a spectator. A definite crowd pleaser!

If that’s not the WOW for you, give us a call toll-free at 877-896-8442 for other ideas.


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    • “You are Stoughton Recreation’s ’2013 Retail Specialist of the Year’. The resolution for our issue was better than expected. Your company is awesome!”

      —Tom L.

      City of Stoughton

    • CRS has been a great partner – providing installation training, answering all our questions quickly and even delivering replacement parts when needed.”

      —Steve S.

      Willow Tree RV Resort

    • “Thank you CRS – You guys proved your awesomeness today! With the 100 degree weather this week, and a picnic group scheduled to come down specifically to swim in the lake, this order was vital for us, and you guys handled it with outstanding customer service and professionalism.”

      —Andy P.

      Liberty Lake Day Camp

    • “I have known Ron Romens for over 20 years and enjoy working with the friendly, professional and courteous team at CRS. When I buy from CRS, I can trust the product will handle the high volume of my commercial rental business. And when I have a question or problem, their customer service team is always there for me. They understand what it takes to keep my businesses up and running and do whatever it takes to keep us there. They’re the best!”

      —Tony S.

      Tigertail Beach Rentals