No Waterfront

There’s no doubt that having a waterfront gives you plenty of advantages for attracting a crowd and keeping them occupied. But that’s not the only way to go about offering cooling water-based fun. Some of the options include:

The Zoom Floom!–a new innovation from the FunMakers at CRS. As the world’s FIRST portable inflatable waterslide, the Zoom Floom is designed for virtually any landscape be it land or waterfront. Safe, fast and fun, it provides BIG waterslide excitement for all ages. Click here to learn more!


Smokey Hollow PondBuilding a pond, similar to the old-fashioned “swimmin’ hole” of days gone by. It’s generally less expensive than building or renovating a pool, and has the added appeal of being something different.  Whether it’s a small area pond perfect for kayaking and pedal boating, or a larger water structure to capitalize on a new WBFEC—CRS can help you create the right attraction for your location. See our Back To the Good Old Swimming Hole article to learn more! (31.3kb PDF) Then give us a call toll free at 877-896-8442 to share some of our success stories and request more information.

Vortex Splashpad Regner Park WisconsinAdding a Splashpad offers sensational aquatic play. No matter what you call it — splashpad, sprayground, splashpark, spray park, etc. — it provides cool fun for kids of all ages. Click here to learn more!



Creating a Kid Fun Wash, like a car wash but for kids!  All you need is garden hose access to water, and let the fun begin.

Give us a call toll-free at 877-896-8442 and we’ll help you get started, or come up with other ideas that might meet your needs.


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    • “Thank you CRS – You guys proved your awesomeness today! With the 100 degree weather this week, and a picnic group scheduled to come down specifically to swim in the lake, this order was vital for us, and you guys handled it with outstanding customer service and professionalism.”

      —Andy P.

      Liberty Lake Day Camp

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