These are just a few of the comments we get from our many satisfied customers. Please tell us your story!

“You are Stoughton Recreation’s ’2013 Retail Specialist of the Year’. The resolution for our issue was better than expected. Your company is awesome!”

“Thank you for your extra work in sorting out our order. I appreciate doing business with quality people at a quality company like CRS.”

Eric D.
Camp Aldersgate

“Thank you CRS – You guys proved your awesomeness today! With the 100 degree weather this week, and a picnic group scheduled to come down specifically to swim in the lake, this order was vital for us, and you guys handled it with outstanding customer service and professionalism.”

“We have had SUCH great success with our Wibit pieces! We are definitely looking to add more Wibit to our offerings again next year.”

Our AquaClimb is unique. We’re always trying to add something to our program, something that’s a challenge. We have a climbing program on land, and we thought it would be fun to have one on water as well. The more activities we have, the more campers we can entertain and the more opportunities for those kids to have a meaningful camp experience.”

Howard S.
Camp Modin

“The kids love the AquaClimb. It’s something they’ve never done before. It’s a great addition. We haven’t had any safety issues and it has performed just as we expected.”

Howard S.
Camp Modin

We’ve been working with Ron Romens and CRS as long as I can remember. My waterfront  started small and every expansion has involved them. Our entire waterfront is made up of CRS products now.”

Howard S.
Camp Modin

Wibit has brought loads of fun for a broad range of people. Our senior citizens have even played on it. It’s fun no matter how you set it up. We change the order of the pieces and people will come back and say ‘what’s different?’ It’s like a whole new course.”

“The lifeguards enjoy the change of pace the Wibit pieces bring to their lifeguarding. The membership loves it. We book birthday parties and have it out just about every single weekend. It’s as popular now as it was when we first got it. Our goal was to attract the 8-12 year old crowd. It’s been hugely successful.”

“We love our Wibit AquaTrack! It really has done a lot for our club, especially for that difficult teenage range and keeping the kids interested in the pool. The kids love it. They’re always back for more.”

Gina D.
The Briar Club

The miniature golf projects went great. People love them. Last summer our guests played 41,000 rounds in three months. That’s a lot of golf! They’ve been a great asset to our YMCA. Three-year-olds to 90-year-olds can play these courses. Families are spending time together and they come back day after day.”

Working with CRS was a smooth process for us. We provided a vision and they customized their product to make it happen. To have someone that’s built a number of miniature-golf courses come in and offer their professional understanding to the character we wanted to apply was very helpful.”

Our new playgrounds definitely have the ‘wow’ factor. The kids love them. We had an unbelievably positive response.”

CRS came through for us, as usual. They coordinated removal of old equipment, helped us select new playground pieces, and then installed them. They did this for ten playgrounds in two months’ time.”

“I’ve been using inflatables for many years at my summer camp and really like what WIBIT is producing for kids. Plus the engineering and manufacturing seems much sturdier than what I am used to seeing.”

Wheaton G.
New York YMCA Camp

“We are very happy with WIBIT products…The results are amazing. Every single child at camp…floated to the WIBIT to do the events again and again.”

Wheaton G.
New York YMCA Camp

“The Aqua Park has been an incredible waterfront attraction for the entire family!”

David R.
Portofino Island

“We feature a beautiful waterfront and we were seeking something special to add to it. The Summit Express transformed our waterfront into a total WOW factor and the place to be all summer. The campers love the water trampoline, and they really look forward to climbing up and sliding down the Summit. The campers can’t get enough of it! Thank you CRS!

CRS helped us transform our waterfront … it is now the most exciting activity in camp.”

CRS has been a great partner – providing installation training, answering all our questions quickly and even delivering replacement parts when needed.”

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