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    • Our AquaClimb is unique. We’re always trying to add something to our program, something that’s a challenge. We have a climbing program on land, and we thought it would be fun to have one on water as well. The more activities we have, the more campers we can entertain and the more opportunities for those kids to have a meaningful camp experience.”

      —Howard S.

      Camp Modin

    • “We are so thrilled with our decision [to purchase The Rolling Log]. Not only does it entertain different age groups, it provides continuous visual entertainment for everyone else who is swimming in the pool or sitting on deck. The other aspect we enjoy is that the log roller is not just a quick excitement fix. People aspire to be the best so thay are competing all day always trying to get better. We find it much more engaging for people.”

      —Kathy A.

      Padonia Park Club

    • “The Wibit system works great and our members of all ages LOVE IT! We have used it for swim team functions, birthday parties, group rentals, and water exercise. … I know I was personally a bit skeptical (safety and logistics and all) about this in the beginning but I am glad that we have made this investment.”

      —Shannon H.

      Salem Family YMCA